Horizon Science Academy – Denison students compete in science fairs

(Plain Press, June 2011) This school year, a highlight for students at the Horizon Science Academy  (HAS) Denison campus, 1700 Denison Avenue, involved preparation for and competition in science fairs.

Students in grades 5-8 worked hard testing, investigating and compiling data in order to complete their projects in time for a mid February Science Fair at the school. Students entered about 40 projects in the competition, an annual event at the school sponsored by the science department. Completed projects had titles ranging from “What Will Clean the Gulf Oil Spill?” to “Which Diaper Brand is Worth Your Money?”.

Students in the competition were judged on how well they successfully completed the steps in the scientific method. The students used this fair as practice for the Concept Schools Science and Engineering Fair, held at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center in March. Teachers Mrs. Leisha Hilt, Mrs. Lauren Wilson and Mrs. Graham helped prepare students for the science fair at CSU.

Twenty-six students from Horizon Science Academy’s Denison Middle School entered projects in Concept Schools Science and Engineering Fair at CSU.  Competing with students from throughout the Midwest the Horizon Science Academy Denison Middle School students took home a number of awards for their efforts including five gold medals. Three eighth grade students won gold medals in the Chemistry category:  Alexander Robrage for his project “How does exposing chips to microwaves affect them?” ; Maringely Delgado for her project “How does wrapping affect spoilage?”; and Xavier Russell for his project  “Which type of paper burns faster?”

Seventh Grade Student Ashley Hawkins won a gold medal in a Chemistry category for a project on “Apple Oxidation.”

Sixth Grade Student Kalia Bennet won a gold medal for her project titled “The Diaper Dilemma.”

This year Horizon Science Academy Denison also hosted an Elementary Science Fair Invitational in February. This fair featured about 35-40 projects completed by students in grades 1-5. The Elementary Science Fair included participants from Horizon Science Academy Youngstown, Horizon Science Academy Cleveland and Horizon Science Academy Denison.  A dozen fifth grade students from HAS Denison also participated in the Concept Science and Engineering Fair at Cleveland State University in March.

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