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Plain Press 2020 Fundraiser

October 2020 Dear Plain Press Readers and Supporters, This year marks the 49th anniversary of the award-winning* community newspaper, the Plain Press. A free community newspaper founded in 1971, the Plain Press continues to present issues and community news to residents of Cleveland’s west side. During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, the Plain Press continued its mission of presenting issues and … Continue reading

October 2020 Issue of the Plain Press

Plain Press Editor Debbie Sadlon’s Editorial Comment “The Virus: Mask it, or Casket”

Cleveland Community Police Commission works to reform Cleveland Division of Police

by Chuck Hoven (Plain Press, October 2020)           Of late, much public discussion centers around the need for police reform. Here in Cleveland that effort is already underway. The Cleveland Community Police Commission has been working on reforming the Cleveland Police Department since 2015.    At its quarterly meeting held virtually on September 24th, the Cleveland Community Police … Continue reading

Tie vote at City of Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals hearing delays decision on proposed development project at W. 14th and Kenilworth

by Bruce Checefsky (Plain Press, October 2020)                 At 11:53AM on Monday, September 13, the City of Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) called forward Appeal: Calendar No. 20 – 135 (1415 Kenilworth Ave) for review. This particular appeal had been left for last during the nearly three-hour meeting because of the volume of materials both in … Continue reading

Parents work to reunite with their children in foster care while pandemic delays visits, court

by Brie Zeltner and Rachel Dissell  (Plain Press, October 2020)           Lionel scooped up his daughter, Imari, and planted a kiss on the 1-year-old’s chubby cheek, then carried her to the car that would take the baby and her brothers away from him and back to their foster home.     Trailing behind Lionel, 29, was his partner, Carlitta, … Continue reading

Not working while your children learn from home? You might qualify for unemployment: Q & A

Not working while your children learn from home? You might qualify for unemployment: Q & A  by Brie Zeltner (Plain Press, October 2020)                 Parents and other caregivers of children who are learning at home while schools are closed– even if for part of the week– can receive weekly cash benefits, regardless of whether they would normally … Continue reading

A Saturday at Edgewater Park

Labor Day Weekend at St. Rocco’s Parish

EYEJ compiling accurate, up-to-date portrait of Cleveland’s digital divide

EYEJ compiling accurate, up-to-date portrait of Cleveland’s digital divide (Plain Press, October 2020) Cleveland’s digital divide has emerged as a central issue for Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice (EYEJ). Compelled by its mission to improve the lives of young people, EYEJ is actively engaged in an effort to fully understand and support real solutions to the widespread … Continue reading