• Plain Press 2022 Community Guide

    EMERGENCY NUMBERS Bellefaire JBC Homeless & Missing Youth 24/7 Hotline                      www.saveCLEkids.com……………….. 570-8010 Cuyahoga County 24/7 Mobile Crisis Team ………..  623-6888                                          Crisis Text: 4HOPE to 741741 Fire • Police • Medical…………………………………………………911 MetroHealth […]

  • Merrick House celebrates reopening of newly refurbished gym and tech loft

    Merrick House celebrates reopening of newly refurbished gym and tech loft (Plain Press, March 2022)    Merrick House celebrated the reopening of its newly refurbished gym and tech loft on February 18th with a ribbon cutting ceremony, speeches, a live DJ, a slam dunk contest, and ball handling drills for the children. Merrick House in a press […]

  • Peer support group aids with recovery from addiction

    Peer support group aids with recovery from addiction by Christopher Johnston (Plain Press, March 2022)      Four years ago, Rondye Brown reached “the darkest place” in his life. Feeling trapped in an endless cycle of crime, prison and substance abuse, Brown decided on what he believed to be his best solution.      “I asked God to remove his […]

  • Teach-in outlines efforts to protect renter’s rights

    Teach-in outlines efforts to protect renter’s rights by Bruce Checefsky (Plain Press, March 2022)      Edmikia Minter, a resident of Ericsson Apartments in East Akron, and an organizer for The Freedom BLOC, was elected in 2021 to lead the Ericsson Apartments Tenant Union. The Black Led Organizing Collaborative (BLOC) builds Black political power in the Black community […]

  • Legal Aid can help with debt, car repossession, and identity theft

    by Tonya Sams (Plain Press, March 2022)      Unpaid debt can be a huge burden that creates a constant cycle of worry and fear.       Do you know what to do if you are sued by a debt collector, if your car is repossessed, or if you are a victim of identity theft? Legal Aid has answers. Car […]

  • File your taxes now to claim your child and earned income tax credits

    (Plain Press, March 2022)    The IRS is now accepting 2021 tax returns! Sign up for the Expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).    There is roughly $193 billion waiting for families with children — all they need to do is file their taxes to claim it.    The American Rescue Plan made significant changes […]

  • Changes are coming to Ohio Medicaid: Update contact info now!

    (Plain Press, March 2022)      Don’t forget! Families receiving public benefits should begin updating their contact information now for important changes coming later this year.       A flurry of changes in the Medicaid program are anticipated over the next few months with redeterminations likely to resume (eventually) and the transition to a new slate of managed care plan […]

  • Mayor Bibb announces two key appointments: Chief Education Officer and Chief of Youth and Family Success

    (Plain Press, March 2022)      On February 15th, Mayor Justin M. Bibb announced two key roles he plans to add to his new administration. Holly Trifiro will serve as the Chief Education Officer and Sonya Pryor-Jones will serve as Chief of Youth & Family Success. Both positions will report to the Mayor.      “Education is the foundation for […]