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$6M Red Line Greenway opens after more than a decade of planning

$6M Red Line Greenway opens after more than a decade of planning by Lee Chilcote Plain Press, June 2021        Beginning at the eastern edge of Zone Recreation Center and threading through Ohio City before connecting to the Centennial Lake Link Trail, the $6 million Red line Greenway connects the near west side to downtown Cleveland while offering views … Continue reading

One man’s trash is another man’s trail

One man’s trash is another man’s trail by Megann Rosecrans Plain Press, June 2021     The Ohio & Erie Towpath and the trails that link to it are already impacting neighborhoods on the near west side, from Tremont and Ohio City to Detroit-Shoreway and the lakeside, attracting walkers, runners, and bikers, but also sites for potential development. … Continue reading

Towpath Trail Extension Elevated Pedestrian Bridge over Literary Road at W. 5th