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Towpath Trail Lantern Parade

PHOTO BY CHUCK HOVEN Saturday, March 12, 2022; Towpath Trail Lantern Parade, Sokolowski’s Overlook at east end of Abbey Bridge: Jeff Niesel stands with a beehive shaped lantern called “Beelightful”. The lantern was constructed by artists Samantha Fryberger and Darla Arnold using upcycled sweet tea bottles, lightbulb packaging, candle lids, rope, newspaper, clothes baskets, Frappuccino … Continue reading

Full circle: Local initiative aims to rev up circular economy in Cleveland

Full circle: Local initiative aims to rev up circular economy in Cleveland by Lee Chilcote (Plain Press, February 2022)  Plastic is everywhere, and we can’t seem to get rid of it. It litters our streets, clogs up our waterways, and fills up our landfills. So why not turn it into art, protecting the environment while creating … Continue reading

Ward 12 City Council Candidate Survey

Ward 12 City Council Candidate Survey (Plain Press, November 2021) The three community newspapers that serve areas of Ward 12 – Neighborhood News, Tremonster and the Plain Press — collaborated in creating this survey. The survey questions were asked of Rebecca Maurer and Anthony Brancatelli, the top two finishers in the City Council Primary Election. … Continue reading

Participatory Budgeting Cleveland (PB CLE) to launch budget recommendations

Participatory Budgeting Cleveland (PB CLE) to launch budget recommendations by Bruce Checefsky (Plain Press, August 2021)     Town meetings were first established in the earliest New England settlements as a form of direct democracy in which most or all members of a community come together to discuss policies, laws, and budgets for their community. The first town meeting was … Continue reading

Wendy Park Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Whiskey Island

Garden Walk in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood

Reader responds to the letter concerning noise in the Fulton/Denison area

Reader responds to the letter concerning noise in the Fulton/Denison area To the Editor:    As a resident of West 25th Street and Chatham Avenue, I can empathize with the fine people of the Fulton Road and Denison Avenue area! I too have endured countless hours of disruption from intentional motorcycle and automobile noise. The altered mufflers, … Continue reading

$6M Red Line Greenway opens after more than a decade of planning

$6M Red Line Greenway opens after more than a decade of planning by Lee Chilcote Plain Press, June 2021        Beginning at the eastern edge of Zone Recreation Center and threading through Ohio City before connecting to the Centennial Lake Link Trail, the $6 million Red line Greenway connects the near west side to downtown Cleveland while offering views … Continue reading

One man’s trash is another man’s trail

One man’s trash is another man’s trail by Megann Rosecrans Plain Press, June 2021     The Ohio & Erie Towpath and the trails that link to it are already impacting neighborhoods on the near west side, from Tremont and Ohio City to Detroit-Shoreway and the lakeside, attracting walkers, runners, and bikers, but also sites for potential development. … Continue reading

Max Hayes High School Senior Class Community Service Project