Heroin and Opioid Epidemic

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I have half a mind…

I have half a mind… by Teresa Clark (Plain Press, April 2019)    While I was living in Akron, I came to know a young man, who was a ‘recovering meth addict’. This young man was in a loving relationship with a ‘recovering heroin addict’ and though both of them are in recovery, they got … Continue reading

Sheriff’s deputies commended for saving son’s life

To the Editor: (Plain Press, March 2019)I am writing in regards to the Sheriff’s deputies, who saved my son’s life, Brian N. He overdosed in the basement of my home. The deputies recognized this, and they transported my son to the hospital before going to county jail. I feel with all the negative publicity; this … Continue reading

County Medical Examiner shares thoughts on how to intervene to prevent more overdoses

by Victoria Shea (Plain Press, July 2018)           It is a topic Doctor Thomas Gilson is passionate about. It shows in every presentation he gives. Yet, people in his county, young and old, are still dying. The numbers are still rising. He wonders as many others do in law enforcement-what else can they do to stop … Continue reading