• November 8 Election set to change the Ohio Supreme Court

    November 8 Election set to change the Ohio Supreme Court by Bruce Checefsky (Plain Press, September 2022)                         Earlier this year, the Ohio Supreme Court invalidated legislative district maps and sent them back to the Ohio Redistricting Commission for revision, rejecting their fourth attempt at a plan for state redistricting as unconstitutional and unfairly favoring […]

  • City paint program could use a fresh coat; residents cite costly labor and slow process as issues

    by Doug Breehl-Pitorak (Plain Press, March 2022)      Tuesday Gibson lives with her mom, Barbara, in a 107-year-old home in Cleveland’s Buckeye-Woodhill neighborhood. Gibson had hoped Cleveland’s Exterior Paint Program, which offers free paint and supplies to help residents repaint their homes and safely remove any hazardous lead-based paint, would provide enough support to give the home […]

  • City paint program didn’t work for most small suppliers, leaving Sherwin-Williams as main provider

    by Rachel Dissell (Plain Press, March 2022)      Cleveland’s effort to provide free paint for tenants and homeowners fell short of its goals over the past two years, with fewer than 400 of the expected 1,000 homes completed.       Administration officials also had hoped to use neighborhood paint and hardware stores as vendors for the program, and early […]