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Snowstorm of January 16-17 compounds pedestrian winter woes

Ten Clevelanders address City Council Meeting during its first Public Comments period in over 100 years 

(Plain Press, November 2021)   Ten Cleveland citizens took part in a historic event, the first Public Comments period at a Cleveland City Council meeting in over 100 years. The occasion was the Monday October 4, 2021 meeting of Cleveland City Council. The ten citizens taking advantage of this public forum to speak to their fellow citizens … Continue reading

West Side Market area anticipates population changes

West Side Market area anticipates population changes by Sheila Kiss   Home to the historic West Side Market, United Bank Building, and Market Square Park, the intersection of West 25th Street and Lorain Avenue is the central hub for Ohio City and its retail district, and it’s seeing a lot of activity today.   Don Whitaker, president … Continue reading

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) launches 25Connects Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) launches 25Connects Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project by Bruce Checefsky (Plain Press, April 2021)      During the height of COVID19 pandemic last summer, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) launched 25Connects, a community planning process that aimed to provide the design recommendations and tools to support a future West 25th … Continue reading

Cleveland Women’s March Rally at Market Square Park


Theresa’s Bakery

Plain Press Editor purchases a Cleveland Street Chronicle

Next Gen RTA Committee recommends route changes to the Regional Transit Authority Board of Trustees

by Bruce Checefsky (Plain Press, January 2021) Joel Freilich, Director of Service Management, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA), reminded board members at the RTA Board & Next Gen RTA Committee meeting on December 15th that working closely with Jarrett Walker & Associates and local stakeholders, the public had spoken, and he listened. Priority trips … Continue reading

A Saturday outside of the West Side Market

City Council funds West Side Market parking consultants

(Plain Press, August 2020)            At its July 1st meeting, Cleveland City Council authorized the City of Cleveland to enter into a $1.2 million contract over three years with consultants for the purpose of managing and operating the West Side Market parking lot.