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Lutheran Hospital urged to accept detox patients with a single addiction — heroin

To the editor: (Plain Press, December 2017)      I would like to commend the Plain Press on its coverage of the panel discussion at Lutheran Hospital concerning the present opioid crisis. As I read the article, however, I was aware of the fact that, while Lutheran Hospital has a very good detox program, and an … Continue reading

Sewing proposed as means to help those in recovery

To the editor: (Plain Press, June 2016) Joe Bialek’s earnest letter in the May issue on the ever-timely problem of drug abuse brings to mind a Ted Talk by Johann Hari, which is quite insightful, (if a bit proud in title.) Hari looks beyond the family to the larger social pressures that families contend with … Continue reading

Call for self-image change, fails to address need for societal reform

To the editor: (Plain Press, June 2016) In regard to the letter in your May issue, “Can we trace addiction to our image of ourselves?”, in which the writer refers to Transactional Analysis, although he nowhere mentions this name in his letter, this is what he is discussing. Developed by John Bradshaw, Transactional Analysis (TA) … Continue reading