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Letter to the Editor

Objections raised to parking plan for West Side Community House

To the editor:

(Plain Press, April 2011) I would like to know who ok’d the plan for the new community center on W.93rd and Lorain?  A 10 year old would have been able to see that 10 parking spaces wouldn’t be enough.

Now they want to put one across the street? Totally absurd! Could you imagine ANY, let alone MANY, elderly walking across Lorain Rd? Who thinks these things up?  Do they really get paid for doing this to our elderly?

First they take the senior center out of Cudell Recreation Center, where they had a beautiful kitchen and plenty of room.  Then they start closing the rest of the senior centers on the West Side so they all have to go to the new Center on 93rd. Now they’re not sure if they can feed them?

These are human beings with great minds and spirit. They shouldn’t be shuffled around like cattle to what I’m sure will soon be the only senior center on the West Side. Pack em up and ship em out. It’s disgraceful. These are fragile people we are talking about here.

The center is bordered on one side by I-90 and bordered on the other by Lorain Avenue, a main city street. It mainly shows to me that there is no sense of community in this area anymore. The powers that be are really dropping the ball here and it’s falling right on the heads of the elderly. You should all be ashamed.

Frank Caffrey

Cudell Area (Forgotten Zone)

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