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West 25th Street resurfacing set to begin in mid September

(Plain Press, September 2014) Plans for road resurfacing on W. 25th Street were revealed at a public meeting at Applewood Center, 3518 W. 25th, on August 25th.  The resurfacing of W. 25th Street between I-71 and Detroit Avenue is expected to begin in mid September and be completed by August of 2015.

Shelly Company was awarded the work on the maintenance project after submitting the minimum bid of $2.98 million. City of Cleveland Project Manager and Design Engineer Ron Mason said 80% of the cost of the project would be paid for by the State of Ohio through the Urban Repairs Project Fund. The City of Cleveland will contribute the other 20% of the funding. The project involves resurfacing the existing roadway and upgrading the American Disability Act (ADA) ramps at street corners.

The first phase of the project will focus on W. 25th between I-71 and I-90. A spokesperson for Shelly Company said they hope to complete the area in front of MetroHealth Medical Center before winter sets in.

During project construction traffic will be limited to two lanes, one lane in each direction for northbound and southbound traffic from I-71 to I-90. During construction there will be no parking allowed. Cars parking in the area will be towed.

Residents from the streets surrounding MetroHealth expressed some concern that their streets will be inundated with cars from Metro patients trying to avoid parking fees. Project Manager Mason said a meeting with MetroHealth was scheduled to try to address some of the issues surrounding the upcoming project.

Bicycle advocates attending the meeting asked if the street would be striped for bicycle lanes after it is repaved. Mason explained the rules governing the State of Ohio’s Urban Repair funds only allowed the road to be resurfaced and lanes marked exactly as they were prior to resurfacing. However, the funds can’t be used to restripe the street for bicycle lanes. Mason said they could ask that the restriping be done with paint that can easily be removed and once ODOT is done with the project the city can put in its own lane markers.

Jim Sheehan of Ohio City Bicycle Coop asked that all the striping along the W. 25ht Street corridor be done with paint that can be easily removed. Representatives of Shelly Corporation said that because of the weather, temporary paint will be put on this year. They suggested that decision to use paint or the harder to remove thermoplastic for the lane markers can be made in the spring.

Mason noted that the reason bicycle lanes have become an issue and a need is because of changing demographics. He said younger people used to rush to get a drivers license at age 16, now many “prefer to go by bicycle.”

Ward 14 Councilman Brian Cummins noted the high percentage of City of Cleveland residents that don’t have cars. He urged residents to get involved in upcoming transportation planning meetings for the W. 25th Street Corridor from Brooklyn Centre to Detroit and an upcoming Clark Avenue Transit Study.

In response to another question, Mason said no rerouting of RTA buses is expected to be necessary for this project.

Mason said that residents with questions or concerns about the construction project should call him at 216-664-2381.

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