April 2015 Classified

PLAIN PRESS CLASSIFIED: $10 for 12 words and 30¢ for each additional word. To advertise count the words and mail a check or money order with your ad to the Plain Press, 2012 W. 25th #500 Cleveland, OH 44113. For more information call Tom Sheehan at (216) 621-3060 or email plainpressads@yahoo.com.


CATERING AVAILABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: American, Greek and Italian cuisine. Parties large & small. Reasonable rates. Example: 150 Wing Dings cooked with barbeque sauce $50.00. Call Chef Mike 216-526-0111.


  1. PAUL’S THRIFT SHOP: Furniture, clothing, baby needs & more. First Saturday Dollar Bag,10 a.m. – Noon. Best prices in town! St. Paul’s Community Church a W. 45th and Franklin Blvd.


NEED ANSWERS TO LANDLORD TENANT QUESTIONS? Call Cleveland Tenant’s Organization’s Client Service Center: 216-432-0617.

PROPERTY OWNERS NEEDED:  If you are a property owner with nice, clean, reasonably priced apartments, and are looking for tenants, please call Care Alliance at (216) 924-0429 and ask for Jim Schlecht.

APARTMENT FOR RENT, 7115 LORAIN AVE., UP FRONT. Call 216-651-1254 or 216-409-7426.


FOURWHEEL T/C VAN 00 FULLY LOADED RED/TAN/LEATHER: Everything works. Alloy wheels. Hitch/Towing. 216-856-2258.

STOWAWAY 06 CARAVAN: Seats fold under/ Cargo moving. Call 216-856-2258.


Help to improve our society. Read and heed Deuteronomy 28 of the King James Version. Act by supporting a theonomic constitutional amendment.


INCREASE INCOME NOW: Selling Educational/Promotional Product. www.youtube.com/IISlick4nonsense 1-260-622-8781. Act Now.

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