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Poor schools blamed for decline in property value. To the editor:

(Plain Press, July 2015) Almost Every other day someone gets killed in Cleveland – the Comeback City and no one is doing anything. Everyone in the photos in your paper is smiling. We have 19 Council Persons in City Hall making $80,000 a year salary.

Other things: I’ve lived in Cleveland since 1991. I lived in New York 18 years and 3 years in New Jersey. Twenty-four years ago, Cleveland was a nice city. I know the Public Schools for 24 years gets F-F-F-F-F-F-F on report card. And we spend more than $500,000,000 a year for these F’s, and who cares? That’s why property values are like Hiroshima, 1944.

I have a house on W. 101st Street. I paid $50,000 for it, plus another $60,000 in interest to the bloodsucker banks. Now the realtors call me saying, “George, we have an offer!!” I say, “What is the offer?” “24” “24 what?” “$24,000” “What??? Go shove it up your rear end.”

The biggest mistake in my life was to by a house in Cleveland. People move out from Cleveland because the public schools are out of control. But, in other close cities like Fairview, Rocky River, Westlake, the schools are very good, and the property values are $200,000 – $300,000 etc.

And, we have Cleveland the Comeback City. The Mayor, the Chief of Police, 19 City Council people, must come out in front of City Hall and tell to all: When the police tell you stop, stop!!! No ifs or buts. Just stop. Then we do not have “Police Brutality.” Police Officers want to go home after work – criminals don’t. Police Officers put their life in danger to protect all of us.

Children must do homework in mathematics, physics, chemistry – study and study – not to play with toy guns in the streets. And mothers must watch them every second – not watch TV.  Make sense to you all?

George Cinzano, West Boulevard neighborhood

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