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Residents receive update on West Shoreway, Edgewater Park and Shoppes on Clifton

(Plain Press, July 2015) About 300 people gathered at Louisa May Alcott School on June 4th for an update on three different projects:  the West Shoreway Reconstruction, Cleveland Metroparks plans for Edgewater Park and plans for Shoppes on Clifton.

West Shoreway

Kristen Bowen, of Michael Baker International and Associates, said that the Ohio Department of Transportation plans for the West Shoreway involve changing it into a 35 mile-per-hour boulevard from Lake Avenue to the Main Avenue Bridge. There will still be three lanes in each direction, but the lanes will be narrower to slow traffic. Also there will be a 14-foot wide median strip with native trees, shrubs and other greenery.

Pedestrians and bicycles will have access to Edgewater Park through the three current pedestrian tunnels at Lake, W. 76th and W. 65th.  In addition to the exit ramps from the boulevard, vehicles will be able to enter Edgewater Park via a new extension of W. 73rd Street by the end of this year. Unlike the original plan, the final plan includes no lights or crosswalks on the new boulevard. Bowen estimated that cars traveling at the new speed limit of 35 mph would add 90 seconds to their travel time when compared to the old speed limit of 50 mph.  The work on the roadway is expected to be finished in December of 2017. Landscaping will be completed by Spring of 2018. Plans also call for the closure of the W. 28th Street East bound entrance to the Shoreway.

In addition to the roadway work, plans call for a multipurpose trail along the new boulevard. From the West the multipurpose trail will run on the North side of the boulevard from Edgewater and West Boulevard to connect with existing multipurpose trails in Edgewater Park. From the East the multipurpose trail will start at a newly redesigned W. 25th Street intersection on the south side of the boulevard, it will cross to the north side at W. 28th travel west to W. 49th where it will again go to the south side and travel west to connect with a route to the tunnel at W. 65th Street. The Metroparks will be responsible for maintaining the part of the trail north of the train tracks. The City of Cleveland will be responsible for maintenance of the trail south of the tracks.

Edgewater Park

Metroparks spokesperson Sean McDermott noted several changes that are planned for the park.

A round about is planned for where the new W. 73rd street will come into the park. Directional signage on the round about will direct cars to seven different destinations including the Whiskey Island, the Pier, and the Beach.

A new two story Beach House will be constructed about 200 feet South of the current beach house, which will be demolished. The W. 76th Street tunnel will let out on an elevated walkway that leads to the second story of the Beach House. Bicycle racks will be available for those riding their bikes to the park.

McDermott says the deck on the second story of the Beach House is designed for viewing sunsets. The Beach House will have food service, restrooms, lockers and an open-air patio. McDermott says the restaurant at the new Beach House will feature high quality made to order food and the Metroparks will continue the practice of purchasing ice cream from Honey Hut. The Beach House will contain a retail outlet selling MetroParks merchandise and will offer equipment rental supportive of various activities at the park. The new Beach House will be an environmental friendly Green building and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessible.

McDermott said the plans for Edgewater Park include provisions for a bus stop on the lower level. He noted that Regional Transit Authority (RTA) would make that decision based on ridership projections. He urged those interested in having a bus to Edgewater Park to email RTA Executive Director Joe Calabrese.

Shoppes on Clifton

Ward 15 Councilman Matt Zone offered an update on plans for the Shoppes on Clifton to be built between W. 116 and W. 117th on the North Side of Clifton. He said the site plan calls for 21,000 square feet of potential retail space for up to four retail outlets. He said one of the tenants would be a bank. Zone said Lucky’s Market from Bolder Colorado plans to open a grocery on the site by Thanksgiving of 2016. Zone described Lucky’s Market as featuring a high quality organic product. He said Lucky’s Market is a grocery started by the founder of Wild Oats.

Zone said that along the Lake Avenue side of the site, Developer Andrew Brickman plans to build eleven units of market rate townhouses. Zone said the townhouses are expected to sell in the $400,000+ price range. The development will incorporate pieces of the former Fifth Church of Christ Scientists into the design of the project. The development will also contain a passive park.

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