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Crime, Near West Side


by DL White

(Plain Press, March 2016) Picture it! You are driving down a back highway through a rural area. Trees line the road and the red orange sun is settling behind the mountain. Suddenly a deer jumps out of the shadows and runs across your path. Your heart is pounding wildly as you swerve to the right to miss it. Your car barely misses a tree and comes to a halt with a stomp of your brake pedal. You calm yourself and then climb out of the car to investigate the scene. You notice your front passenger side tire is flat. Everything else looks to be in working order. You look toward the road because you hear an engine sound and hoping it will be a guardian angel. You see a large truck driving toward you and then the black pick-up pulls in front of your vehicle. A large man gets out of the pick-up and his 6’2” frame walks toward you carrying a tire iron.

This is where you ask yourself some questions, “How does he know I have a flat tire? Why would he be carrying a tire iron if he can’t see the other side of the car?”

At this moment you must decide how you will handle this situation. How much time do you think you have to react to his action? You have a split second to think. Maybe he assumed you need the tire iron or maybe not. Your next move could save your life. Situations like this occur more often than you realize. City, country, or suburbs it could happen anywhere. The scary part is that it does. We tend to believe things like this can’t happen to us. But, let’s come back to reality by accepting it and doing something to ensure we react quickly and in the correct manner. Can you think quick enough to pull your gun or other weapon out of the car? That might be the last thing on your mind after an accident. Can you think of anything to use around you? You could reach for almost anything to use as a weapon. In this instance self-defense classes would pay off. They improve your reaction time and reflexes based of off the repetitive movements. The use of hand strikes and blocks are automatic in any given situation and could be your only option.

DLWhite, BA/MBA, Black Belt/ Instructor


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