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ODOT tackles pedestrian and vehicle safety issues near Shoreway ramps on W. 25th and W. 28th

(Plain Press, November 2016)    At an October 6th meeting at Lakeview Towers, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), officials and contractors involved with the Lakefront West Project offered an update on construction work related to the turning of the West Shoreway into a Boulevard. The focus of the meeting was on concerns expressed by residents at a previous meeting: West 28th Street eastbound entrance to the Shoreway; traffic signals at W. 25th/Main Street and Washington Avenue; the pavement width on W. 25th Street; Pedestrian infrastructure; and a blind spot at W. 25th and Washington Avenue.

ODOT officials indicated that while the W. 28th Eastbound entrance to the Shoreway would remain open, the railing to the bridge that now interferes with sightlines will be cut down to 3 feet in height. The 35 mile per hour speed limit would be extended eastward through the entrance ramp.

Plans were also revealed for a new traffic signal at the intersection of W. 25th, Main Street and Washington. In addition, four clearly marked crosswalks would be added.

ODOT outlined several locations on W. 25th where they propose to widen the street to allow a larger radius for trucks to make turns. One location is between Superior Viaduct and Detroit Avenue where they would like to widen the street from 63 feet to 74 feet. The other is in front of St. Malachi Church between the State Route 2 ramp and Washington Avenue where they propose widening the street from 37 feet to 42 feet across.

A cyclist objected to the widening of the lanes, saying it encourages cars to go faster. Ohio City Incorporated Executive Director Tom McNair agreed with the cyclist saying expanding the lanes to 14 foot widths would encourage cars to go faster making the area less safe for pedestrians. He said it would be safer for pedestrians if the lanes were instead shrunk to 11 foot in width.

ODOT officials talked about a number of features to be added to the area that would benefit pedestrians: lighting, decorative crosswalks, signal timers, ADA-compliant curb ramps, wayfinding signs and flashing beacons.

In an effort to enhance pedestrian safety at W. 25th and Washington, pedestrians would be directed to the other side of the street to avoid a blind spot next to the mural wall. ODOT said it would do treatments to make sure people are not walking there.

A new park is proposed at W. 28th and Washington. A multiuse path to Edgewater park will go north from the park. ODOT officials said they expect the multiuse path to be completed for the most part sometime in 2017 with some wayfinding signs and landscaping added in 2018.


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