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Lady Luck creates its own atmosphere at W. 42nd and Lorain Avenue


PHOTO BY CHUCK HOVEN Tuesday, December 20, 2016; This building at W. 42nd and Lorain Avenue now houses the Lady Luck Hair Parlor.

by Sean Dobrzeniecki

(Plain Press, January 2017) The corner of Lorain Avenue and West 42nd Street has become a little busier since June, when Lady Luck’s opened in the space previously home to Morrison Dance, attracting a loyal clientele to the neighborhood.

Sarah Morrison opened her dance studio in 2002. After years of success, it eventually closed-down, and Mike George bought the building in April, 2015.

There are six barber shops within a half mile of this location, including a barbers’ college. With all-of-these barbers in the area, there are just a few hair salons serving women, so the new enterprise fills a niche.

George considered many different options for the property. He asked himself what would do well in this narrow building. Finally, towards the end of 2015, he decided it would be Lady Luck’s Hair Parlor.

“There are plenty of barbers in the area,” George said. “Women needed a place to get their hair done as well.”

The building has an interesting history. George said engineers thought the structure was built sometime around 1880. Back in 1961, Debreck’s Restaurant, popular for its delicious Hungarian food, was located in the building.

“There was an old grease trap in the basement and the sign out front was badly faded when we tore it off, but I could make out the letters ‘Hungarian Restaurant,’” George said.

In the eighties, it was a plumbing store, then became a residence in the nineties. Morrison bought the building in 2001.

Construction started last spring. The front of the building was replaced with all glass, giving people, walking and driving by, a clear view of what was going on inside. By June, the salon was open for business.

Rebecca Ford took charge of the salon. She is a well-known stylist in the area and has many clients who have followed her to the new location, but Ford said the opening of the salon was very hectic at times.

“When we first opened, there was still a ton of construction being done,” Ford said. “There were some days our phone lines would go offline and there was no way for anyone to reach us.”

Walking into the salon, you can tell it used to be a dance studio. The hardwood floors are slick and, with the trendy music playing in the background, most people might feel like busting a few moves. The walls are painted a dark red, complimented with dim lighting that gives the salon a “cool” look. There are off-colored, bright, and very comfortable chairs in the waiting area. The chairs that you sit in when getting your hair done are black leather, and just as comfortable. Ford knew what she was doing when she set up the design.

“The atmosphere that Bec has created at Lady Luck’s is unmatched,” according to Emma May, a client of Ford’s. “I’ve been going to Bec for a few years now and wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else.”

Although this was most certainly targeted for women in the area, that does not keep men from stopping in for a new hairdo.

“I met Bec randomly when I called for a haircut at another salon,” Jon Dilley said. “She took the time to help me find a style and is super nice as well. Naturally, when she opened her own place, I followed.”

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