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General Election ballot will feature a variety of candidates and issues

(Plain Press, October 2017) The upcoming General Election will feature contests for the position of Mayor of Cleveland and all seventeen positions on Cleveland City Council. There are positions in our court system and local and state issues on the ballot as well. Early voting begins on October 11th. The General Election will be held on November 7, 2017.

Candidates Frank G. Jackson and Zack Reed are facing off with the winner becoming the next Mayor of Cleveland.

There will also be contests between council candidates in each ward. In the area served by the Plain Press, there are five City Council races. In Ward 3, the candidates are: Logan E, Fahey and Kerry McCormack. In Ward 14, the candidates are: Brian Cummins and Jasmin Santana. In Ward 15, the candidates are: Alex Karrfalt and Matt Zone. In Ward 11, the candidates are: Dona Brady and Gilder E. Malone. In Ward 12, the candidates are: Anthony Brancatelli and Shalira Taylor.

There are candidates competing for judicial positions and the position of Clerk of Courts as well.

Municipal Court races with two or more candidates include the Housing Division where three candidates are running: Heather McCollough, Ronald J. H. O’ Leary, and W. Moná Scott.

Four other competitive municipal court cases will appear on the ballot. Judicial Candidates for an unexpired term ending 1-2-2022 are Ann Clare Oakar and Jimmy L. Jackson Jr. Judicial candidates for Municipal Court opening commencing 1-2-2018 are: Janel Rath Colaluca, Joseph Russo and Jazmin Torres-Lugo. Candidates for Judge for the term commencing 1-4-2018 are: Shiela Turner McCall, Lynn McLaughlin-Murray and Craig E. Willis. Judicial candidates for the term commencing 1-5-2018 are: Michael L. Nelson Sr., Marlene J. Ridenour and Michael R. Sliwinski.

Candidates Earle B. Turner and Jasmine M. Ross are running for the position of Clerk of Municipal Court.

There are two state wide issues on the ballot. Issue One is a proposed Constitutional Amendment providing rights for Crime Victims. Issue Two calls for the State of Ohio not to pay any more for prescription drugs than the federal department of Veterans Affairs.

The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority is requesting a renewal 0.13 mill levy.

The Cleveland Public Library is asking for a renewal of a 5.8 mills and an increase of 2 mills.

Cuyahoga Community College is asking for passage of a bond issue of .5 mills for capital projects

Voters in Ward 3, Precinct N will be asked to vote on a Local Liquor Option for Sunday beer sales for the Rite Shop Food Mart at 3153 W. 73rd Street.

Voters in Ward 14, Precinct F will be asked to weigh in on Sunday Liquor Sales for beer, wine and mixed beverages for Hanini 7 Oil at 6501 Denison Avenue.

To view your ballot, prior to voting, you can go to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website at

Editor’s Note: If you have any questions for City Council or Mayoral candidates you would like to see answered in the Plain Press, please email them to the Plain Press at or mail them to: Plain Press, 2012 W. 25th Street, Suite 500, Cleveland, OH 44113. The Plain Press plans to send out surveys to candidates, prior to the publication of our November issue. We hope that input from readers will help us to formulate questions for candidates. If asking questions focused on your City Council Ward, please indicate the Council Ward you live in.


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