Plain Press offers deep apologies

(Plain Press, October 2017) An article in the September issue of the Plain Press titled, “Building at W. 25th and Chatham once a grocery, then a furniture store, now awaiting a new tenant” has been corrected and reprinted above. The Plain Press felt an obligation to rewrite and publish the article because the writer of the original article, a student doing the article as part of a class assignment, quoted from a person she never interviewed.

Alex Feuerman, one of the brothers who owned W. 25th Furnishings, called the Plain Press to say he never talked to the writer of the article.

The writer quoted him as saying the furniture store did “more repairs than selling furniture.” Feuerman says the store never did repairs, they sold new furniture. The writer also said that W. 25th Furnishings’ business was poor and they leased out the top floor to Cleveland Hostel to help with the rising rent. Feuerman said that business was good. He said they couldn’t have rented out the top floor because they didn’t own the building.

Feuerman, who now works at A to Z Furniture at 1860 E. 55th Street, said if he and his brother had owned the building they would still be there. They wanted a 3- to 5-year lease, but the landlord MRN Group wanted them to leave.

The Plain Press offers its deepest apologies to Alex Feuermam for this incident. While the Plain Press proof-reads articles prior to publication, the errors in this article eluded us.

We apologize to our readers as well. A new corrected article appears above and will replace the article printed online as well.



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