November 7th General Election Results – Candidates in contested races  

(Plain Press, December 2017)

Mayor of Cleveland           Number of Votes    Percentage

Frank G. Jackson                 35,506                       59.6%

Zack Reed                            24,116                       40.4%

Total                                       59.622


Cleveland City Council

Ward 3                       Number of Votes    Percentage

Kerry McCormack    2,692                          84.7%

Logan E. Fahey          486                          15.3%

Total                           3,178


Ward 11                    Number of Votes    Percentage

Dona Brady              1,951                          79.0%

Gilder E. Malone          519                         21%

Total                           2,470


Ward 12                    Number of Votes    Percentage

Anthony Brancatelli 2,021                          72.9%

Shalira Taylor              751                          27.1%

Total                           2,772


Ward 14                    Number of Votes    Percentage

Jasmine Santana       999                          51.2%

Brian Cummins           951                          48.8%

Total                           1,950


Ward  15                   Number of Votes    Percentage

Matt Zone                  2,522                          79.7%

Alex Karrfalt                 643                          20.3%

Total                           3,165


Municipal Court Judges elected in contested races are:

Jasmine Torres-Lugo, Shiela Turner McCall, Michael L. Nelson Sr., and Ann Clare Oakar

Housing Court Judge: Ronald J. H. O’ Leary

Clerk of Courts: Earle B. Turner

Source: Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

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