In Memory – Gertrude H. Senyak

(Plain Press, February 2018)        Longtime Tremont resident Gertrude H. Senyak, age 88, passed away on January 4th.  On January 13th friends and family of Gertrude H. Senyak gathered at St. Augustine Church for her funeral service and a reception catered by St. Augustine that followed the service.

Tremont West Development Corporation staff person Scott Rosenstein speaking at the funeral said Mrs. Senyak was the person that made him feel welcome in the neighborhood when he first started working in Tremont. He said at neighborhood meetings, her smile, kindness and warm greetings of people using their first names made all feel genuinely welcome.

Fr. Joe McNulty recalled how when he first came to the neighborhood over 40 years ago, he took his clothes for dry cleaning at the Senyak Cleaners and was told, “You’re a priest. We cannot charge you.” He said he continued to use their dry cleaning service where Gertrude worked with her late husband Henry on the corner of Scranton and Starkweather.

NcNulty noted the involvement of the Senyak Family at the now closed Our Lady of Mercy Parish and St. Augustine Parish in Tremont. He said how proud Gertrude Senyak was of her son Henry’s activism in the Lincoln Heights Block Club, and the Tremont and Near West Side neighborhoods. Speaking of Henry Senyak’s efforts to make sure the street lights are in working order, Fr. McNulty said if you ride around at night near St. Augustine you will notice the streets have more lights working than in other parts of the city.

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