Cleveland Public Library begins multiyear capital project


(Plain Press, March 2018)     As Cleveland Public Library approaches its 150th anniversary, the Library is embarking on an ambitious, multiyear capital project to ensure its neighborhood branch libraries can continue to function as safe, inclusive, and sustainable environments.

The first phase of this two-pronged revitalization project will address critical repairs to ten branches located throughout the Library system. Branches impacted by this maintenance work include Lorain, Glenville, Jefferson, Harvard-Lee, Carnegie West, Addison, Fulton, Langston Hughes, Rockport, and Collinwood.

As the first branches scheduled for the construction, Lorain and Glenville temporarily closed on February 5, 2018.

Additional branches will follow on a rolling basis throughout the spring and summer of 2018.  Jefferson Branch in Tremont will close in mid-to-late March when Lorain Branch reopens. Carnegie West Branch will close when Jefferson Branch reopens in early May.

Most branch libraries are expected to close for approximately six to nine weeks. During this process, patrons in affected neighborhoods will be redirected to nearby branches to obtain library services.

After the completion of repairs, the Library will seek feedback from within each branch’s community to determine what additional improvements—such as configuring the interior space; making cosmetic improvements; incorporating new technologies; and more—might benefit the branch.

This branch revitalization plan marks the third, system-wide, capital project in Cleveland Public Library’s nearly 150-year history.

To learn more about the branch revitalization project, visit

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