Legal Aid to pick up some services as Cleveland Tenants Organization closes

Legal Aid to pick up some services as Cleveland Tenants Organization closes

(Plain Press, April 2018)       Due to declining financial support, the Cleveland Tenants Organization (CTO) ceased operations in February. CTO served the Cleveland community providing tenant and landlord education and advocacy for affordable, fair and quality rental housing since its founding in 1975.

Effective February 5th, 2018, the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland began covering the Rental Information Hotline formerly run by Cleveland Tenants Organization. Renters can call 216-861-5955 during business hours to inquire about their rights and responsibilities. Legal Aid has also agreed to maintain Cleveland Tenants Organization’s website.

In addition to the Information Line and the website, Legal Aid is also continuing the legacy of the Cleveland Tenants Organization’s eviction diversion programs, which plays an important role in helping tenants understand their legal rights when faced with eviction.

Founded in 1905, The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland provides information and civil legal services in areas of law that impact safety, health, housing, economic security, employment and domestic relations. These services are provided at no cost to families living in poverty, helping ensure fairness for all in the justice system. Legal Aid attorneys and volunteer lawyers keep families together by preventing foreclosures and evictions, create pathways to education and employment opportunities by removing barriers, and secure safety for individuals and families who face domestic violence.

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