Antique car purchased for the price of a funeral

by Victoria Shea

(Plain Press, June 2018)    There’s nothing like a car show, and for Ralph Vicario, there’s nothing like your first car show, especially when your car happens to be a 1930 Ford Deluxe. Vicario entered the car in the 2018 Max Hayes Car Show.

Vicario’s story behind his antique is an unusual one, especially for anyone familiar with antique cars. Vicario shared that the Deluxe actually belonged to his brother-in-law until recently when Vicario “inherited it” when his brother-in-law became sick.

Before his brother-in-law, it was owned by the son of the original owner. Vicario said that the asking price for the car when his brother-in-law originally inquired about purchasing from the original owner was $26,000. However, when the original owner died, his son offered to sell the car to Vicario’s brother-in-law if he paid for his father’s funeral. He paid approximately $8,500 for it, which covered the expenses of the man’s funeral.

Vicario said that so far, the most he has invested in it other than gas, would be the cost of some steel wool to clean up some of the rust.

When asked about the specifics of his car, Vicario said that his is a Deluxe because it has two spare wheels on the car, one on either side. He said there was another model of the car that only featured one spare. According to Vicario, the car is still relatively original right down to its green and yellow paint job and rumble back seat.

Vicario says that the car is a blessing to have, as well as a lot of fun to own.


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