Rollin’ Strong as Max Hayes celebrates another car show

Saturday, May 19, 2018; Max Hayes High School Car Show, 2211 W. 65th: Cars from all decades line the parking lot of Max Hayes High School for the annual Car Show. Winners of the show are awarded trophies.

by Victoria Shea

(Plain Press, June 2018)    For Fred Walz, he was looking at five cars which all would receive A’s if they were students sitting in his government and American History class at Max Hayes High School at West 65th Street in Cleveland. But there could only be one winner, so he faced a tough decision.

The Max Hayes High School Annual Car Show, which has been a staple of the community since it started approximately 14-years-ago, was held once again on Saturday, May 19. Body Shop teacher, Greg Boykin said that the students in the Automotive Shop began the car show. The school supported it as a way to get some good publicity.

In years past, the Max Hayes Car Show has included other events. In 2017, the car show was accompanied by a 5K/1 Mile race. Years before that, Boykin said that the show was a riding lawn mower race.

“This year’s show was a little different because it was student-led,” Boykin’s said. The students, with a list in hand of those who entered cars in last year’s show, started reaching out by telephone to invite them back. After that, Boykin’s said, the sign that was placed in the yard was made. The day of the show, the students were responsible for set-up. For principal, Chris Scarcella, he sees the student’s participation as a great thing.

Scarcella spoke highly of the car show and how it was a great alumni event, which allows the school to do more outreach to their alumni. In years past, alumni such as Timothy Brown from the Class of 2017, have entered cars into the show. For Brown, it was his 1990 Mustang 5.0, which was a former Florida Highway Patrol Chase Car that he found in a barn about 10-years-ago.

A native Clevelander, Brown attended grade school at Almira Elementary, located on Almira Avenue between West 98th and West 99th Streets. He said that he attended Max Hayes because it was the only school around that offered trade classes. “I wasn’t good in a classroom,” Brown said happily. “But give me a wrench, and I get an A.”

The car show also allowed another local Clevelander, Ralph Vicario, a chance to show off his “brand new car”-a 1930 Ford Deluxe which he had recently “inherited” from a sickly brother-in-law. His car, like all cars at the show, was being judged for things including the body, paint, interior, originality and overall appearance. Despite the weather, which threatens rain for a good part of the day, Vicario was happy to attend, as it was his first car show.

Waltz, a judge for this year’s car show said that he was grading the cars as a body shop person. Looking for things like how well the car was painted, and whether repairs made to the car matched, would determine the overall points a car could take.

Preparation will be underway again shortly for the 2019 car show. Those interested in participating should reach out to Greg Boykin at 330-459-0888.


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