Homeowner comments on property values in her neighborhood that have gone down

To the Editor:

(Plain Press, October 2018)           I read with interest the article Chuck Hoven wrote regarding the newly appraised home values in Cuyahoga County. Unlike the Tremont area where property values spiked in an inconsistent manner, the property values from my home and in my general neighborhood have gone down. This seems like it is an indication that you are trying to force us out of our homes to buy us out and then to resell to investors to put high end properties around here just like they did around Cleveland Clinic on the east side.


   A year ago, I attempted to sell my home for sale by owner, and did so through zillow.com and FSBO.com. The way the Zillow is setup, is anti for-sale-by-owner, and all about the real estate agent. When I would receive calls from agents, they did not tell me that I had potential buyers; instead they wanted to represent me in order to get a higher commission. I would get cold calls from agents offering me $20,000 for my five-bedroom, two bath house that is in fairly decent condition. The skewed property values are based on no known real math. It is just a guessing game.

   I realize that coming into each and every home in Cuyahoga County would be time-consuming and costly in order to appraise it, but if the county is using property values based on websites like zillow.com and realtor.com, that is not a real property value. Because in our area we have a lot of houses owned by landlords who rent them out, this brings our property values down despite good home owners like myself, who have spent 25 plus years improving the neighborhood.

   We cannot afford to move because our property values are underwater and especially for those of us who are older, and possibly disabled. Where could we possibly go? We are on fixed incomes, and we do need help with repairs that will not be astronomically expensive. 

   Several years ago I needed some help with my home and I contacted Habitat for Humanity for help and they told me that they don’t help people like that. Yet the free items that they get for their Resale Shop are priced so high you are better off just buying new. If Habitat for Humanity is not going to help out the neighborhood, then they should shut down.

   All we are asking is fairness. We want the people responsible to do their job. If you need help, then ask.

Janice Lascko

Simpson Neighborhood

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