How to use trendy fall accessories to update your wardrobe

Silk Allen
A fun and easy way to update your style for fall is by using trendy accessories to jazz up any basic outfit. Multi-color rhinestone cuff bracelet with fringe, animal print furry wallet/clutch, snakeskin ankle boots, gold choker, gold chandelier earrings. All stylists/writers’ own.

by Silk Allen

(Plain Press, October 2018)           September is the new January. For some people at any age it may be due to the “back to school” affect- the return of structure and new routines after a summer of leisure, the purchase of fresh notebooks and supplies for new thoughts and ideas and the change of the weather.


   However, for me, it’s mainly for fashion purposes! Wardrobe-wise it is a soft transition to fall, you start seeing fall items in the stores and it’s also the time when New York Fashion Week is on everyone’s mind. You can’t help but to hear about the clothes, trends and happenings even if you are not a fan of fashion. If you are a fan, then I know I am not alone when I say that it’s an exciting time for your own personal style to shine in perfect weather – you bring out your longer sleeves, jackets and boots and gradually layer them with your summer pieces until the very last minute.

   The turn of each fashion season is never complete without feeling bombarded with thousands of articles on what the new runway trends are and how to wear them, but to me they never feel inclusive and are not very practical. Everybody can’t wear a full-on western look, the sci fi silver pants suit, or the 80’s, power hour, cocktail mini dress (and not many of us want to) but, you can rock a cowboy boot, oversized silver jewelry and a bright jacket that have the same elements of style as the runway looks that are more suited for everyday wear. Anybody who wants to get involved with the trends can do so by updating their look with accessories…

   Accessories are the unsung heroes of any outfit. They are the most inexpensive ways to dazzle any wardrobe and allow everyone to feel as trendy as they want without trying too hard. Imagine yourself dressed in a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Now add a pair of gold hoop earrings, a dainty gold necklace, an animal print tote bag and finish the look off with your favorite pair of ankle boots. You have just upgraded your outfit by a thousand percent –behold, the power of accessories! 

   Do you want to stick your toe in the fall fashion trend pool without breaking the bank? Start here with my roundup of the most wearable fashion accessories trends for fall:

   Bags:This fall, bags range from small and ladylike to super-sized and masculine, and everything in between. A tote bag would look great with any print- animal, floral or graphic, and keep an eye out for purses with cool shapes, metallic finishes and color-block design. Handbags with texture, fringe or embellishments will look great with any outfit that you put together.

   Shoes:Now is the time to wear your transitional footwear before the snow hits! Think suede sandals and heels, open toe booties and mules, and don’t be afraid to experiment with animal prints like cheetah, leopard and snake which will pair well with more outfits than you think. Boots are having a moment right now so look for ankle boots with buckles and metal hardware, combat boots and even cowboy boots if your style is more alternative.

   Jewelry:We don’t have enough fun with jewelry these days, often finding pieces that we love and wear forever, which is fine but sometimes it can limit our style. These bold pieces can be dressed up or down if you keep an open mind. Large metal chokers look elegant with any type of evening wear but can also add magic to a simple black turtleneck as well. Chandelier earrings can make a little black dress look extravagant at any price point, but don’t hesitate to wear a pair with a denim jumpsuit. Finally, a cuff bracelet helps a boring shift dress pop, but will also look extremely stylish when worn over a long sleeve tee.

   Extras: Don’t forget aboutbelts, thin or wide, plain or embellished, can all be used to cinch in an oversized sweater or to replace the standard fabric belt that came with your dress or trench coat. How about scarves – you can wrap a patterned scarf around your bag, waist or neck, but the trendy way is to tie one around your ankle and jazz up a pair of black heels the next time you wear a dress. Jackets: look for textures like suede, satin, or lace, bold colors; bright blue, cherry red or pale pink, and embellishments; fringe, embroidery or sequins.

   Try a little, or try a lot, but at least try to update your fall wardrobe with one of these easy to wear trends. If you need help figuring it all out, email me and let’s chat about it! 

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