First District Patrol Officer Louis Kitko named October 2018 Police Officer of the Month

First District Patrol Officer Louis Kitko, the October 2018 Police Officer of the Month.

(Plain Press, November 2018)        In its October edition, The Partner, the newsletter of the Community Police Foundation announced that First District Patrol Officer Louis Kitko was named October 2018 Community Police Foundation Police Officer of the Month.Officer Kitko, a 20-year veteran officer, always has badges, coloring books, and child identification kits on hand in the First District lobby to pass out to children who stop by with their parents. He recently reached out to the Cleveland Police Foundation and personally purchased over $600 in Cleveland Police teddy bears to pass out while on duty. Whenever Cops for Kids has a fundraising event, Officer Lou volunteers to sell tickets and helps support and promote the events. 

   First District Commander Daniel Fay said, “Officer Kitko represents some of the essential traits of every police officer: he’s community-oriented, has a great work ethic, integrity, he’s a problem-solver and is service-minded. He is always willing to go the extra mile to assist a fellow officer or citizen in their time of need. Officer Kitko is an asset to the First District and the Cleveland Division of Police.” 

   The Cleveland Police Foundation and Cops for Kids recognized Patrol Officer Lou Kitko as Officer of the Month for his efforts in creating a better relationship between the Cleveland Police officers and the children it serves.

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