Questioning Councilman McCormack’s response to Market Square Park shooting

To the Editor

(Plain Press, November 2018)In early October, two members of our near west side community were victims of a crime when they were shot during an argument at Market Square Park. These two people live, work, and volunteer in our community and support their families and friends in our community. You would not know that given the description of the incident by Councilman Kerry McCormack.  Instead of recognizing these community members as victims of a crime, the response from the Councilman is to increase policing and surveillance in the neighborhood. For the poor, unhoused and marginalized in our community that means that they will feel less safe because they are the ones being targeted by police. 


Increased policing is an unfortunate but expected side effect in a neighborhood that is seeing a rapid influx of new, wealthier, white residents. This shooting incident seems to be a good excuse to ramp it up. One wonders if this incident had happened at Town Hall, if the victims would be portrayed the same? Are we not able to recognize the poor and unhoused as members of the Ohio City community, or that they are victims of violent crimes? 

Paula Miller

Near West Side

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