Community gathers to remember the second anniversary of the End of Watch for First District Cleveland Police Officer David Fahey

by Victoria Shea

(Plain Press, February 2019)          For Officer Christ Porter, two years later he stills remembers the wave of blue that took over the city of Cleveland on the night his brother, 39-year-old David Fahey, had died in the line of duty.

“It was very important to know that the city appreciated him.” Porter said, standing outside First District, on West 130thStreet. “Two years later, it’s still amazing.”

Porter was just one of dozens of First District officers that evening that attended the candle light vigil held on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019 in remembrance of the second anniversary of Cleveland Police Officer David Fahey’s end of watch.

“Two years ago, we were mourning his lost,” said First District Police Commander Daniel Fay. “Tonight, is more a celebration of his life.”

Starting in the lobby under the gaze of a blown-up version of Fahey’s badge, #2453, before moving outside, Fay explained that it was important for him to make sure that the new officers under his command attended the vigil.

“It’s important to remember David,” said Fay. “The new officers here need to see that they have this extended family.”

The vigil, which Porter said the community put together, holds special meaning for Fahey’s family as David grew up in the First District and it was special for him to be assigned to his community.

“Community was important to him,” Porter said. “And he was important to the community.”

Editor’s Note: A Photo Essay of the event can be found on our website,

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