Property tax discrepancy exists between assessed value and sales value

To the editor:

(Plain Press, February 2019)          How can there be such a discrepancy between what properties are assessed atand what they are actually selling for?  How do we find an equitable meansof determining value?  Further how did we get duped into the mythological
mantra of “location, location, location”?  I fail to see the tradeoff betweenwhere someone lives, and the quality of the house they choose to reside in.


This is also an issue that needs to be addressed soon so that a moreequitable balance of the two can exist throughout the county.

In different parts of the county there have been “tax revolts” wherebypeople are challenging the tax assessments and in some cases are gettingtheir property taxes reduced.  The problem is that it will only lead tomunicipal budget shortfalls because the estimated revenue will be less thanwhat was forecast to be collected.  Consequently, many cities across thecounty will be forced to reduce services in order to bring the budgets backinto balance.  If property values continue to plummet the end result will beone of social catastrophe.

In the final analysis it really all comes down to comparable sales withinone mile of your property.

These can be found on the Cuyahoga County Auditor website.This is what I used and won reduction of my property taxes.

Until then, let it be echoed throughout this county “no taxation withoutproper calculation.”

Joe Bialek


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