Three non-clothing wardrobe items that help elevate your personal style

by Silk Allen

(Plain Press, February 2019)          We often have enough clothes in our closets, it’s just knowing what to do with them that confuses people, and I’m here to help! I have three very important non-clothing fashion purchases that I am dying to tell you about because they will help elevate your personal style in a major way. A full-length mirror, velvet hangers and a steamer may seem like frivolous purchases, but let me explain how much they help and why they are worth every penny…


Sometimes we just need a little extra help before and after we get dressed and if you want to make it a happy, non-stressful and time saving experience every day then you have to consider the entire process. Where you store your clothes is important because if you are reaching in and out of laundry baskets, rummaging through overstuffed drawers or throwing around mismatched hangers laden with random items, it can easily become a hassle that you want to avoid.

After you locate the blouse that you spent at least thirty minutes searching for (only to find it in a balled up heap in the back of your closet) you now have to drag out the cumbersome ironing board, struggle to set it up, wait for the iron to get hot and proceed to go through the motions of flipping and turning the garment over and over so it can look decent enough to wear.

Now the outfit is finally on- you are running late to work, get there and spend half the day happily chatting with coworkers when you decide to take a bathroom break and discover the cold hard truth in natural light that your outfit looks a mess! The back of your shirt is a wrinkle fest, your blazer is actually navy blue instead of black like the skirt you chose, and the shoes look like you just didn’t care.

Let’s avoid any more scenarios like that from this point on and focus on the three items you need in your wardrobe that will help make getting dressed a smooth and seamless moment each day!

Full Length Mirror

We all need a full-length mirror! Not just to make sure our outfits match, but to see what shoes look best with an outfit, whether or not that skirt rises up in the back, if that shirt to pants ratio is right, or if the dress we are wearing hits at a flattering length – not to mention making sure that a garment isn’t completely see through. You want to be sure that all of the components of your outfit work together, and the best way to do that is with a full-length mirror.

Velvet Hangers

Not only are velvet hangers aesthetically pleasing, they take up less space and protect your clothes better than wire hangers (No wire hangers!) and they won’t damage and ruin your clothes over time. This small change gives your closet a clean, uncluttered and organized look just like your favorite boutique and allows you to clearly see your fashion choices. Plastic and wood hangers are still okay for heavier items like bulkier fabrics and coats, but at least buy a set and place them together in the back of your closet.


If you are like me and hate the whole process that comes with ironing, then you will love the steamer! A handheld steamer is inexpensive, easy to use, and will have you wrinkle free in minutes! It works on all fabrics and can even help stretch visits to the dry cleaners because the heat from the steam kills bacteria and removes odors. Steamers work for men’s suits, curtains, sheets and any other material you can think of, so it is a very wise purchase. Just make sure that you use purified water, so you won’t have mineral build up deposited onto your clothes.

We spend so much money investing in clothes and our overall look, but it’s just as important to keep up with maintenance and storage as well. It saves us time, money and sanity in the long run and each of these items can be found in stores or online for less than thirty dollars a-piece. I think it is money well spent! Do you want more personalized wardrobe tips? Don’t hesitate to email me!

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