Cleveland Municipal Court partners with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to help people get driving privileges back

Cleveland Municipal Court partners with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to help people get driving privileges back

(Plain Press, April 2019)In an effort to engage the local community on a change in Ohio law that could affect thousands of people with vehicle license suspensions, Cleveland Municipal Court has created a special hotline and website to help those trying to get their driving privileges reinstated.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Initiative went into effect January 31, creating a six-month program for driver license reinstatement fee reduction and waiver for offenders whose driver licenses have been suspended for specific violations.

It’s estimated over 400,000 Ohio drivers will qualify for the program with at least 40,000 of them in Cleveland.

The Court has a website,, which includes information on the program and a link to the BMV website for people to apply.  Anyone with specific questions about the program can call a special hotline, 216- 664-6145 from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

The BMV program does not reduce reinstatement fees in cases where the underlying offense is alcohol, drug or weapons-related. If a suspension is the result of a court order (for instance, driving under suspension multiple times), at least18 months must have passed since the suspension ended for reinstatement fees to be reduced or waived entirely. Applicants must have completed all court-ordered sanctions (fines or community service) for a case to be eligible for a reduction or complete waiver. A complete waiver is only available for those who have SNAP cards (food stamps) or can show proof that they are in the SNAP card application process.

The initiative only applies to a driver license or permit suspension; it does not apply to a commercial driver license or commercial permit suspension.

Applications for the BMV Amnesty are available at any BMV Deputy Registrar, online at or it can be mailed to those who call 614-752-7500.

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