Medicaid expansion recipients in danger of losing coverage

Medicaid expansion recipients in danger of losing coverage

(Plain Press, April 2019)    Northern Ohioans for Budget Legislation Equality (NOBLE) urges action on Ohio Senate bills that would undermine Medicaid expansion.

In late April of 2018, The Ohio Department of Medicaid submitted a request to the federal government to create work requirements for those covered through the expansion of Medicaid.

Approximately 3 million Ohioans receive Medicaid, of those 3 million, approximately 710,0000 are part of the expansion group. Medicaid expansion, created in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act, offers Medicaid to adults aged 18-64 with incomes up to 138% of Federal Poverty Level, which equates to $17,236 for an individual in 2019.

The federal government has approved the state of Ohio’s request to adopt Medicaid expansion work requirements. These newly adopted work requirements require expansion enrollees to work at least 20 hours a week.

In addition to the approved work requirements, Senators David Burke and Matt Huffman have proposed further legislation, Senate Bills 60 and 25, which have the capacity to further undermine Ohio’s Medicaid program for expansion enrollees.

Senate Bill 60 proposes work requirements for enrollees up to age 50 and would require co-payments and premiums for occasions when a patient sees a specialist.  SB 25 on the other hand would require that expansion enrollees up to age 65 work.

Unfortunately, many expansion enrollees may lose Medicaid for not complying with the new and proposed eligibility requirements. NOBLE believes the funds required to administer the Medicaid work requirements would be better spent providing needed health care services and creating employment opportunities.

NOBLE stands in opposition of Senate Bill 60, Senate Bill 25, and any efforts to undermine Medicaid, we ask for your help in stopping these two bills.

NOBLE asks that you contact the offices of the following Senators serving on the Health, Human Services Medicaid Committee and ask them to oppose SB 25: Senator David Burke(614-466-8049), Senator Stephen Huffman(614-466-8049) and Senator Nickie Antonio(614-466-5123).

NOBLE asks that you contact the offices of the following Senators serving on the Senate Finance Committee and ask them to oppose SB 60: Senator Matt Dolan(614-466-8056), Senator David Burke(614-466-8049) and Senator Vernon Sykes(614-466-7041).


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