(Plain Press, May 2019)In an article in the April issue of the Plain Presstitled “Lincoln Heights Block Club weighs in on proposal to amend its bylaws” the following items listed below stand to be corrected.

Lincoln Heights Block Club Chair Henry Senyak did not cast a tie-breaking vote on the bylaw amendment. The motion failed due to a tie vote without Senyak casting a vote.

The motion to strike the paragraph restricting rights to real property owners was made by Josh Rosen, not Jane Knoublock as stated in the article.

A statement in the article “Lincoln Heights is the only block club in the City of Cleveland with bylaws that prohibits voting on inherent property rights by non-owners of real property” did not include the source of the statement. Writer Bruce Checefsky rechecked his notes and his notes indicated the statement was made by Josh Rosen.

A corrected version of the article appears on the Plain Presswebsite at:


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