How to Pack a Stylish Vacation Wardrobe

Silk Allen

How to Pack a Stylish Vacation Wardrobe

by Silk Allen

(Plain Press, June 2019)   As I am writing this, the weather is pretty wonky, but vacation season is right around the corner and who wants to spend precious time worrying about what to pack? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve over packed a suitcase with almost no room for extra shopping almost because “where there is a will, there is a way”– lol, but nothing is worse than bringing a suitcase full of random mismatch items, forgetting your favorite sandals, or accidentally packing a bathing suit that fit you two seasons ago. To keep any of those unfortunate scenarios from happening, I came up with a quick list of clothing items to bring on vacation. 

Quick Tips:

   Color Theory– If you choose items in the same color family, (even with a print) you can mix and match with ease. If you get stuck, just know that black and white looks good with anything, florals, dots and animal print can all be considered as neutral prints and if all else fails- it’s ok to take style risks- you are on VACATION!

   Two for One– Make sure each top goes with at least two other bottoms and pick neutral tone shoes that will go with everything.

   Buy and Try– If you purchase something new, try it on first so you aren’t surprised when you get to your destination and your dress is too small/big, those shorts ride up too much, or  body parts start popping out of your swimming suit at inappropriate times!

   Wrap and Roll– Roll your clothes instead of folding them, and utilize all the space, so your suitcase isn’t too heavy. Wear a light jacket/shawl while in route and put a tank top, leggings and socks in your carry-on bag/purse just in case something happens or your luggage is delayed. At least you have something decent to change into while you prepare to go off on somebody about your luggage lol.

What to Pack: 

   Tops: Bring 3-5 tops- including a graphic tee that shows off your personality, a sexy top for girl’s night out/date night and something fly for brunch and selfies. Anything else can be a basic tee in black, white or whatever color you like.

   Bottoms: Wear your favorite jeans while traveling and bring a white pair, a fun print or patterned trouser, a few pairs of shorts and at least one skirt.

   Dresses: Bring at least two dresses and make one a sundress in a cool light fabric.

   Swimsuits: If you plan on swimming or visiting the beach while on vacay, bring 2-3 bathing suits with you to change in and out of daily so you can give them time to “spring” back to shape.

   Coverups: A swim cover up is clutch because it can be worn as a top or a dress, depending on how it’s made. Pick one with a cute print and one in a solid color.

   Shoes: Wear your tennis shoes since they will be the heaviest and pack one pair of sandals, heels and comfortable flats or slide ins.

   Bags: Choose a large tote bag for the beach, a crossbody bag for shopping and a small clutch for going out.

   Accessories: Pick either gold or silver and stick to simple pieces- a chain or pendent necklace, two pairs of earrings (hoops/studs/chandeliers) a bracelet and a ring. There is nothing worse than leaving behind your favorite jewelry!

   Hopefully these all work for you, but if you have a hard time choosing what to bring or need more one on one help, don’t hesitate to email me @

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