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Lamia, host of local production Horror Hotel, receives national recognition

Lamia, host of local production Horror Hotel, receives national recognition

(Plain Press, June 2019)   Cleveland’s own Lamia from “Horror Hotel” was named runner-up for “Favorite Horror Host” in the 17thAnnual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.

   TV20, which airs the show locally, promoted the show last year saying: “Produced locally here in the City of Cleveland by REEL TV, TV20 is happy to bring you: Horror Hotel! Hosted by Lamia, Queen of the Dark, and her trusty serpentine companion, Lilith. Horror Hotel will be a brand-new twist on TV20’s Cleveland Classic Cinema, bringing classic & indie horror films, trivia, interviews, and an all-around spooky time. Horror Hotel will be airing at midnight this Friday and Saturday, with an 8PM airing on Sunday.”

   The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards were created by David Colton and Kerry Gammill in 2002. The awards are fan-based, and have no connection to any commercial sponsor. The awards give national recognition to whatfans believe is the best in the horror genre!

   “Horror Hotel” is a hosted horror show produced entirely out of Cleveland. The show began broadcasting locally and on the web in 2013, before picking up national syndication in 2016. Currently, the show is available nationally on both Retro Television and The Action Channel. In Cleveland, the show also broadcasts on TV20, as well as Community Focus (formerly known as Cable 9) in the southeast suburbs of Cleveland. It also streams online and on ROKU, where it was picked last year as one of the top 3 horror channels to watch by RokuGuide. View show trailer:

   The winner of “Favorite Horror Host” was Me TV’s Svengoolie, with three runners-up named: Joe Bob Briggs (formerly a TMC & TNT host; currently broadcasting on Shudder); Lamia from “Horror Hotel”; and the ever-popular Elvira.

   This is a great achievement by a local production. The show was created by lifetime Cleveland resident Ray Szuch, who grew up with a love of the horror host genre watching Ghoulardi and has worked in the film and television industry since the 1970s. The show is written, produced, hosted and edited by Lamia. The entire on-set production team is local to Cleveland, the show is filmed on the West Side of Cleveland at a studio on Storer Avenue.

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One thought on “Lamia, host of local production Horror Hotel, receives national recognition

  1. I started watching Horror Hotel this year and I’m completely addicted to the show. Lamia is really cool and so adorable! I love her knowledge of film as I am a old movie and horror fanatic. Lamia is strong willed (bossy), effective and witty. She’s the most awesome Vampire. She totally Rocks! 🎸

    Posted by Debbie Menno | December 1, 2020, 7:47 pm

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