FASHION by Silk Allen Style Question: What is right and best to wear inside the hotel and inside the hotel suite? Respectfully, Mr. Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

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Style Question: What is right and best to wear inside the hotel and inside the hotel suite?


Mr. Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn


Hi Mr. Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn!

(Plain Press, July 2019)    This is a great question and I am so happy to answer it because last month, I shared with the ladies how to look stylish while on vacation, but I did not include anything for men, and I certainly did not touch on loungewear! Nobody wants to see or be the guy in his ill-fitting robe and underwear hovering over the continental breakfast line. So, let ‘s get right into it shall we?

   T-shirts: Stock up on as many comfortable t-shirts in a variety of colors and styles that you can afford because they will come in handy for summer time casual wear, but are perfect for lounging around in the hotel. You can choose from cotton, or cashmere, but pay attention to the cuts that you choose. If you like looser boxier fits go for a scoop neck, but if you prefer a slimmer style then try it with a crew or v-neck line. If you are unsure, try both of them on in a store and see which one looks the best on you. Not just for your hotel stay, these tees will also look great with shorts and jeans if you choose them correctly.

   Sweaters:A lightweight sweater like a long sleeve tee, henly or thermal are great for those of us who get chilly at night or maybe your room has a balcony that you want to sit out on. A slim, but not too tight fit, is flattering and you can jazz it up by choosing styles with prints, patterns, zippers and pockets which is great for fashion and function. If you are unsure of what colors to get, stick with a classic navy, gray or black; you can’t go wrong.

   Trackpants:Look for a slim fit and tailored trouser style with adjustable drawstrings and pockets with zippers in order to keep a room key and anything else you need to secure. Have fun and go for a pair with contrasting colors, prints or even your favorite team logo and wear them with one of your simple tees or sweaters.

Sweatpants:Seemingly the easiest of all loungewear, sweatpants can be tricky if you don’t get the fit right! A slim contoured fit always looks more pulled together than a baggy shapeless style and will look like you actually made an effort to look “presentable” while on vacation. Go for silk, cashmere or cotton depending on your level of comfort and budget.

   Pajamas:Don’t mistake a good pair of pajamas for being old fashioned and stuffy! A classic answer to loungewear and an exercise in personal style, there are so many choices and combinations like plaids and stripes, pastel jacquard and colored piping that you can’t go wrong! Pants should be relaxed and light and don’t be afraid to pair them with one of your tees or sweaters for a high-low casual look.

Slippers:Yes, you can pack your Nike or whatever other sportswear slides that you have, but why not go for an upgraded woven, velvet or suede loafer type of slipper? Add a splash of color with purple, green, plaid or graphic designs, but whatever you do, say, “No” to packing the dinosaur head, Bart Simpson shaped, roaring, belching novelty slippers that look best at home and no where else!

The best thing about this loungewear is the fact that all of it can be sourced at any and every price point so splurge wherever you see fit. Also, your significant other will thank you for leaving the shapeless, oversized “dad” tees and basketball shorts at home and, after seeing how good you look, hopefully, in the recycling bin.

Thank you for writing in, I hope this all makes sense to you! If not, I have affordable shopping and personal styling services available to specifically address your concerns and issues. Email me anytime at



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