Ohio Department of Education grant to fund after school and summer programs at Louis Agassiz School

Ohio Department of Education grant to fund after school and summer programs at Louis Agassiz School

(Plain Press, September 2019)       The Ohio Department of Education announced on August 19th that Westown Community Development Corporation (WCDC) and its partner Horizon Education Center have been selected to receive a 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) grant to benefit a Cleveland Metropolitan School, Louis Agassiz located at 3595 Bosworth Road.

The Department received 244 applications and awarded 34 grants of which two are in Cuyahoga County. The grant amount is $850,000 and is the only grant that will benefit a CMSD school. Programming will cover a five-year period to support an after school and summer programs from 2019 -2024. The two improvement focus areas are student achievement and school climate. The evidence-based programming uses common core aligned lessons in math, language and literacy skills delivered in a positive learning environment with individualized small group tutoring and homework assistance.

To ensure the objectives to improve grades, behavioral problems and poor attendance are met, the leadership team includes a fulltime site coordinator, literacy and math tutors that use assessments and grade card data to track individual student progress monthly and quarterly.

Rose Zitiello, Executive Director of WCDC states that “an important component of the community engagement work with the students and families will include community partners such as the City of Cleveland, First District Police Community Engagement Officers, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center’s Hogar Consuelo Program, the Cleveland Public Library and arts & culture organizations.”

Personal safety programming will include specialized age appropriate education on topics related to prevention of rape, sexual abuse, healthy relationships and where to seek help. The grant provides an opportunity to offer field trips that inspire and support global education, explore diversity, culture and connections between people and places in our community.

According to David Smith, Executive Director, Horizon Education Center, “Horizon is excited to team-up with WCDC and Louis Agassiz School, which are strong and experienced partners. Horizon is a nonprofit organization providing after school programs since 1978. Our afterschool faculty will provide high quality 21st Century Learning Centers programs focusing on reading and math, youth development and parent engagement. The Louis Agassiz School will also have program support from our recently opened Horizon Education Center at the Triskett Rapid Station.”

Councilwoman Dona Brady, who represents Ward 11 states that “this is a welcomed opportunity for the families and students of Louis Agassiz. I can’t stress enough how important this type of collaboration is to the neighborhood. I’m excited about the efforts recognizing the need and potential improvement to the health and education of our students.””

”I want to personally thank WCDC and Horizon Education Center for partnering to create this new opportunity for our Louis Agassiz scholars”, said CEO Eric Gordon. “These partnerships are critical parts of our students’ education and I know they will benefit greatly from these new opportunities.”

For additional Information contact 216-941-9262 or Info@westowncdc.org.

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