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Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1 Janitor Terry Eddy Responds to Sherwin-Williams Co. Plan to Keep Company Headquarters in Cleveland

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1 Janitor Terry Eddy Responds to SherwinWilliams Co. Plan to Keep Company Headquarters in Cleveland 
Move comes after displacing 34 Cleveland janitors and their families, leaving them struggling to make ends meet 

(Plain Press, February 2020) CLEVELAND –  The following is a statement from SEIU Local 1 janitor Terry Eddy in response to news that Sherwin-Williams plans to keep its headquarters in Cleveland. Terry, after 16 years on the job lost her only source of income when Sherwin-Williams Co. shamelessly decided to change to a non-union contractor:

“After their decision to change contractors hurt janitors like me, Sherwin-Williams announced its plan to keep its headquarters in Cleveland, as if that would bring our financial stability back. Losing our jobs at the headquarters, jeopardized our livelihoods and our ability to put food on the table.

“The Fortune 500 company claims to welcome the participation of union labor in the construction of their new facilities, yet they left hardworking janitors and our families in the cold just last month, ripping away the good wages and benefits we had won with our union.

“Sherwin-Williams cannot claim to be a community leader while leaving behind working families and our neighborhoods, especially while receiving millions of dollars in taxpayer funded subsidies. If Sherwin-Williams wants to be a responsible corporate citizen in Cleveland, they must ensure that hardworking janitors are able to support their families with dignity and a voice on the job.”

Note about SEIU: Service Employees International Union Local 1 unites 50,000 workers throughout the Midwest, including janitors, security officers, airport workers, higher education faculty, food service workers and others. Local 1 is committed to improving the lives of its members and all working people by winning real economic justice and standing at the forefront of the fight for immigrant, racial and environmental justice.


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