Ohio Board of Education presents awards to Clark and Dunbar schools

Ohio Board of Education presents awards to Clark and Dunbar schools

(Plain Press, April 2020) CMSD NEWS BUREAU: The Ohio Board of Education has presented Clark PreK-8 School with two awards – one for earning an overall grade of A on its most recent state report card and another for showing significant achievement while educating a large number of economically disadvantaged children.

To qualify as a High Progress School of Honor, Clark had to demonstrate high proficiency rates, sustained over five years, in a school where at least 40 percent of the students are economically disadvantaged.

CMSD’s Paul L. Dunbar PreK-8 School also earned the High Progress award.

Dunbar was one of seven District schools to receive Momentum Awards for growth that exceeded expectations. The others were Glenville High School, Cleveland High School for Digital Arts and Rhodes College and Career Academy and three PreK-8 schools: Clara Westropp, George Washington Carver and Miles.


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