To keep it moving, while staying at home try Karate Steppin’

To keep it moving, while staying at home try Karate Steppin’

by Deborah White

Plain Press, May 2020  In these recent days of “stay at home”, everyone is scrambling for things to do. Businesses are finding other means to keep their companies moving and employees engaged. In the meantime, there are hundreds of thousands of people who still need to keep their body in motion, as well as maintaining mental health.

Staying planted in front of a computer all day for work and then not be allowed to go to the gym can stifle your immune system, keep muscles stiff, and can lead to becoming a couch potato.

There are a lot of different ways to get exercise like walking outside.

If you have limited or no access to workout equipment or phone apps or want a variety in your work out, then Karate Steppin’ is for you. You can choose if you want a low impact workout or a high impact workout. Karate Steppin’ workout is different from other workouts because the moves and steps are built from actual karate techniques. This makes it a win-win situation for you because you learn some karate moves and get a workout at the same time.

Stretches are important before a workout so let’s start there:

  • Stand with your feet together and slowly bend over to reach for your toes. Just let your body hang without bouncing. Hold for about 10 seconds. Slowly raise your body. Repeat three or more times.
  • Stand with your feet far apart (at least 12 inches past shoulder width). Interlock your thumbs and reach downward. Reach back through or between your legs.

The workout involves a front kick, back fist, and punch. These moves are performed from a defensive stance, which is standing sideways with your front hand up in front of your face and the other hand held near the belly. The front kick is performed from the back leg. Standing in the side position chamber the back leg up and extending the leg out, pulling the toes back and striking with the ball of your foot.  The back fist is exactly that, hitting with the back part of your fist. It is performed with the front hand. The punch is performed with the hand at the belly level and twisting forward toward your opponent’s face.

Short Workout: Front kick w/back leg (set it back)/ back fist/punch – REPEAT 15-20X -Left & Right Side. To see more of this workout and more visit:

Editor’s Note: Deborah White is a Black Belt, Instructor /Author. She has a Master’s in Business Administration and is 2x Black Belt Hall of Fame Member. She can be reached at:

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