COVID 19 Update

COVID 19 Update

(Plain Press, September 2020)       As of August 23, 2020, the city of Cleveland Department of Public Health reported 4,840 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 110 deaths due to the coronavirus. Zip codes 44102, 44113 and 44105 had the highest number of confirmed cases among city of Cleveland zip codes (coded red meaning they have between 401-479 confirmed cases).

The rate of increase in new cases in Cleveland was slower in August than in July, with roughly 640 new cases so far in August (thru August 23).  There were 2,500 confirmed cases of COVID at the end of June; and 4,200 at the end of July – meaning roughly 1700 newly confirmed cases in July.

As of August 23rd, Cuyahoga County reported roughly 14,400 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the State of Ohio weighed in with 108,700 confirmed cases.

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