Coping with COVID Collaboration seeks stories and ideas about experiences of Clevelanders during pandemic

Coping with COVID Collaboration seeks stories and ideas about experiences of Clevelanders during pandemic

Coping with COVID is a collaboration between 90.3 WCPN/ideastream and more than a dozen community news outlets, including the Plain Press. Our aim is to bring you more stories about the experience of Clevelanders during the pandemic. We hope to learn how the virus is impacting your ability to work, pay bills, stay healthy, and raise and educate children. We also want to know how people are connecting and supporting each other.

Most importantly, we want these stories and ideas to come from you.

  • Do you have unanswered questions about the coronavirus, how it spreads, or the long-term effects of the disease?
  • Has the virus affected your life or future plans in ways large or small that you didn’t expect?
  • Are you currently receiving assistance with rent or utilities? Do you have concerns about how long that help will last?
  • How are you managing to work? Have you found childcare? Or are you staying home? How will you deal with schools reopening, if they do?
  • Have you and your neighbors come up with creative ways to make ends meet and take care of each other during this time?
  • How have you dealt with isolation? Have you reached out for help? Or relied on or given support to family, friends or neighbors?
  • Tell us what questions you have or share story ideas here:

Please cc the Plain Press when you send your stories and ideas to the Coping with COVID Collaborative:




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