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Next Gen RTA Committee recommends route changes to the Regional Transit Authority Board of Trustees

by Bruce Checefsky (Plain Press, January 2021) Joel Freilich, Director of Service Management, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA), reminded board members at the RTA Board & Next Gen RTA Committee meeting on December 15th that working closely with Jarrett Walker & Associates and local stakeholders, the public had spoken, and he listened. Priority trips … Continue reading

Lead Safe Resource Center and Home Fund launches

by Rachel Dissell (Plain Press, January 2021)    Cleveland residents will have access to a new resource center and hotline dedicated to helping parents and property owners reduce the chances of lead poisoning by making homes in the city lead safe.      The Lead Safe Resource Center and Home Fund fulfill, in part, a public pledge that the … Continue reading

Is your rental home eligible for incentives, grants or loans to make it lead safe? Find out here.

by Rachel Dissell (Plain Press, January 2021)    A new fund is offering $500 incentives and other financial support to Cleveland property owners and families to remove lead paint-based hazards from homes.      The Lead Safe Home Fund combines rebates, grants and loans in an effort to aid landlords who must comply with the city’s new lead-safe certification, and … Continue reading

Wintertide at Gordon Square

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 421 First Vice President Cindy Boehnlein gets on her bike to raise funds for local veterans

(Plain Press, January 2021)    COVID-19 has made it difficult for the American Legion Auxiliary to hold their traditional fundraisers this year, so when Cindy Boehnlein learned about the “Hundred Miles for Hope” fundraising campaign proposed by American Legion National Commander Bill Oxford to raise funds for the Veteran and Children’s Foundation, she was eager to give … Continue reading

Clark School students and neighborhood youth asked to help plan a new park

(Plain Press, January 2021)  CMSD NEWS BUREAU  Clark School students might soon be playing in a park that they had a hand in designing.    The Trust for Public Land, a nonprofit with an office in Cleveland, is asking Clark and other neighborhood students to indicate features they want to see in a small City of Cleveland park planned … Continue reading

Neighborhood Family Practice and Metro West recruit businesses serving Hispanic (Latinx) community for Community Cares Pledge Program

by Jack Barnes (Plain Press, January 2021)  “Las Dos Fronteras invites you to maintain your distance and wear your mask supporting Neighborhood Family Practice and Metro West!” reads a post from Jesus Amelia Lucero, in Spanish, on her restaurant’s Facebook page. The post includes a video showing off the taqueria’s COVID precautions like floor stickers and … Continue reading

Board of Zoning Appeals again postpones vote on Lincoln Park Flats

by Bruce Checefsky (Plain Press, January 2021)    When Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) committee member Tim Donovan suggested postponing a vote on the Lincoln Park Flats project in Tremont to allow developers 60 days to conduct a parking study in the middle of the winter, in the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years, … Continue reading

Cleveland City Council issues statement about group attacking Cleveland Public Power

(Plain Press, January 2021)    On Christmas Eve 2020, Cleveland City Council released the following statement about Consumers Against Deceptive Fees, a group that did a number of mailings to Cleveland residents this past year:      Recent tax filings from the dark money group Partners for Progress clearly establish that dark money interests that funded the HB 6 … Continue reading

COVID-19 is real, please wear a mask to save lives

To the editor: (Plain Press, January 2021)  People have to realize that COVID-19 not only is real, but that it is just a passing “thing”, like influenza or the polio epidemics were in the past.     If people continue congregating in public places (read “bars, parties, football stadia) as they are, just by being there; they are … Continue reading