COVID-19 is real, please wear a mask to save lives

To the editor:

(Plain Press, January 2021)  People have to realize that COVID-19 not only is real, but that it is just a passing “thing”, like influenza or the polio epidemics were in the past. 

   If people continue congregating in public places (read “bars, parties, football stadia) as they are, just by being there; they are risking their very lives.


   Covid-19 is a deadly disease, and it does not give hoot one way or another about who you are, or how important you think your rights as an American are. Too many people thought that and they, seeking their rights are dead as a result. 

   I wear my mask every time that I step outside of the door of my apartment, and so should everyone else. In the environment that we live in this is paramount activity, if you want to survive—and I think we all want to survive. I know I do, and think anyone with not so common sense these days wants to also.

   Let us, (for myself as a former Clevelander) as REAL Clevelanders, open up our minds and realize that this not about (the personal individual me) me, but about the societal “us”. 

   We are all in this together whether we like it or not. So, given that, try to be a little more compassionate with regards to others. 

   Wear the mask. It’s not a conundrum, it does save lives. Maybe, just maybe, it might save yours or someone that you care about.

Think of others. 

John Cartwright 

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