Reader seeks answers about purpose of surveillance camera

To the editor:

Dear Members of the Cleveland City Council Safety Committee,

(Plain Press, February 2021) My name is Paula Miller and I live on the near west side of Cleveland near Fulton and Lorain. I noticed there is a surveillance camera located in the parking lot of McCafferty Health Clinic on Lorain Avenue.  The camera is about 2 stories high and is an independent camera on a moveable trailer. It has a Cuyahoga County government logo and the Federal agency – The Department of Homeland Security stamped on the side.  This camera has been up for awhile and I am writing to ask you why it is there.  I am assuming that since it is on City property that you had to approve the placement of this camera. 


   Are we under a security threat on Lorain Avenue that we need to be made aware of?  If that is the case we should know about it in order to protect ourselves. If not then I can only surmise that the camera on Lorain is meant to intimidate poor people of color in our neighborhood and make visitors to the neighborhood feel safer. The presence of a surveillance camera does not make all our neighbors “feel safe” only watched by an unknown entity.  As a resident in the neighborhood I would like to know who is watching the footage from this camera?  What is being done with the footage? How long will it be there?  Why is it there to begin with? 

   Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I look forward to your responses to my questions.  

Paula Miller

Resident near Fulton and Lorain

Ward 3

One response to “Reader seeks answers about purpose of surveillance camera”

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