Residents of Fulton and Denison neighborhood would like some peace and quiet

Residents of Fulton and Denison neighborhood would like some peace and quiet

To the editor:

Dear City of Cleveland Officials:

Plain Press, June 2021     We are writing to you asking for relief from the noise problem that the residential community in the area of Fulton Road, and Denison Avenue experiences day and night. This involves cars and motorcycles with loud radios and mufflers waiting at the light at the intersection or just hanging out at the BP station on the corner, ATVs and dirt bikes racing up and down Fulton Rd. and Denison, popping wheelies, gunning their engines, and weaving in and out of traffic. This has been a problem for the last few years, and we have asked for relief from this in the past. Now it has hit epic proportions which is why we are writing an official complaint to address the matter properly.


   Due to COVID, many of the residents in our neighborhood work from home and the loud noise is disruptive when they are working online. Many of us work varied shifts and need to sleep during the day. Some have young children that need to take naps. We have waited all winter for a chance to open our windows, sit on our porches, enjoy our yards and our neighborhood and now we have to dread the outdoors again. All of us just want to have some peace and quiet inside our own homes. We all understand that living in the city we will be subjected to normal traffic noise, however this has become above and beyond normal and greatly impacts our everyday lives and routines. 

   The very loud sounds, at all hours, of revving engines, squealing tires, music that rattles house windows, and vehicles that sound like they belong on a racetrack is unhealthy and unacceptable, as has been recognized by the legislative body of the City of Cleveland in the Code of Ordinances. Now these ordinances must be enforced: § 437.20 Muffler; Muffler Cutout; Excessive Smoke, Gas or Noise; § 605.10 Unnecessary Noise; § 683.01 Playing of Sound Devices Prohibited, When …; § 683.02 Playing of Sound Devices in Motor Vehicles Prohibited, When …; and § 615.12 Dereliction of Duty.

Editor’s Note: The letter was signed by 20 neighborhood residents.

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