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November 2, 2021: election results

November 2, 2021: election results

Mayoral contest

(Plain Press, December 2021) Justin Bibb won the November 2nd mayoral election receiving 36,168 votes or 62.86% of the votes cast. Kevin Kelley received 21,352 votes or 37.14% of the votes cast. The total of 57,520 votes cast in the mayoral contest represents 23.2% of the 247,264 registered voters in the City of Cleveland.

City Council contests

Ward 3

Kerry McCormack was re-elected with 2,951 votes or 74.92% of the votes cast. Challenger Ayat Amin received 988 votes or 25.08% of the votes cast.

Ward 11

Incumbent Brian Mooney was re-elected with 1,362 votes or 55.39% of the votes cast. Challenger Michael Hardy received 1,097 votes or 44.61% of the votes cast.

Ward 12

Rebecca Maurer defeated incumbent Anthony Brancatelli. Maurer received 1,558 votes or 51.18% of the votes cast. Brancatelli receive 1,486 votes or 48.82% of the votes cast.

Ward 13

Kris Harsh was elected to Cleveland City Council receiving 2,745 votes or 62.7% of the votes cast. Kate Warren received 1,633 votes, or 37.3% of the votes cast.

Ward 14

Incumbent Jasmin Santana was re-elected with 1,042 votes or 65.45% of the votes cast. Challenger Nelson Cintron Jr. received 550 votes or 34.55% of the votes cast.

Ward 15

Incumbent Jenny Spencer was re-elected with 2,796 votes or 84.45% of the votes cast. Challenger Chris Murray received 515 votes or 15.55% of the votes cast.

City of Cleveland Charter Amendment – Police reform

The charter amendment was approved by voters with 32,184 yes votes (59.43%) and 21,972 no votes (40.57%).

Judicial Contest

Cleveland Municipal Court

Andrea Nelson Moore was elected judge with 30,516 votes, or 69.84% of the votes cast. Michael R. Sliwinski received 13,180 votes or 30.15% of the votes cast.

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