Blessing of Timothy Schmalz’s Homeless Jesus sculpture at St. Malachi Parish

Sunday, April 3, 2022; St. Malachi Parish, 2459 Washington Avenue: Cleveland Catholic Diocese Bishop Edward C. Malesic joins with St. Malachi parishioners in a ceremony to bless Homeless Jesus, a sculpture by Timothy Schmalz. The sculpture, donated by the Community West Foundation, is one of six created by Schmalz in a Matthew 25 Collection that appear in various locations in Cleveland.  Other locations are: When I Was Naked (Malachi House); When I Was Sick (W. 25th outside of Lutheran Hospital); When I Was a Stranger (Urban Community School/Refugee Response); When I Was Hungry and Thirsty (Old Stone Church); When I was in Prison (BridgeCLE, 3389 Fulton Road).

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